The company offers wide range of services in the logistics field: 
   - international and domestic automobile transport;
   - international and domestic railway transport;
   - sea transport;
   - storage and trans-shipping services;
   - customs agency.

   The port handling of vessel unit cargoes has always been an essential part of our long professional experience. The company is the forwarding agent chosen by many of the port clients and as such has handled many and various in type and destination cargoes:

   - ferrous and non-ferrous metals;
   - scrap;
   - cereals;
   - float glass;
   - bulk and packed grey cement;
   - bulk and packed soda;
   - urea;
   - white sugar;
   - hardboard;
   - automobiles;
   - machines and equipment;

   - float glass;
   - packed white cement;
   - molasses;
   - raw sugar;
   - ferrous metals; 
   - slag;
   - petrol
   - diesel oil;
   - black oil;
   - kerosene;
   - crude oil;
   - machines and equipment;
   - timber;

   - Sodium Sulphate
   - Sodium Tri-Polyphosphate;
   - copper concentrate;
   - machines and equipment;

   For the proper performance of the forwarding services related to the abovementioned cargoes our company has operational offices in all Ports of Varna.