Address: 8 Sofronii Vrachanski Str., 9000 Varna, Bulgaria
Phone +359 52 600 154
Fax + 359 52 613 506
GSM: +359 88 82 12 439
e-mail: bsa@belltt.com
Head of Agency Department:
Yordan Kirchev

   Established in 1994 "Black Sea Agency" is experienced and reliable partner that provides agency attendance at all Varna ports. Together with our top quality service, the company offers a variety of additional services such as: ship-chandler, technical supplies, bunkering, sign on/off crew members, fresh water supply, etc.

        Port of Varna
Total length - 12,2 miles | Channel 1 allows passage of vessels with max. air draft of 41,72 m. max. draft for Channel 2: 11,00 m. | Max. speed 6 knots.

Approach Two access channels to Varna West: Channel No.1 with draft 11.50 m; Channel No. 2 with draft 11.00 m. Vessels with load over 200 m, beam over 26 m. or vessels over 20 000 grt to pass the channels during daylight hours only.
Anchorages Two anchorages at Varna roadstead. Winter anchorages from Oct 1 - May 1 and summer anchorages from May 1 - Oct 1.
Pilotage Compulsory for vessels over 100 grt. Private pilot service "Varna Pilot Station"
Radio Frequency Information Varna Pilot Station: VHF Channel 14 (156.7 mHz).
Varna Port Control VHF Channel 16 (156.8 mHz).
Weathers The meteorological factors do not restrict the use of the port and it is open all year round. If wind exceeds 12 m/sec. the ports close
Bunkers Available by tanker barges and cisterns
Towage: Up to the estimation of the captain and the pilot. Nine tugs up to 1200 hp and one tug up to 1600 hp available
General working hours 24 hours a day: 7 days a week except the official holidays. If an order and an agreement are made work could be effected during holidays as well with a certain bonus paid for overtime percentage
Local Holidays Jan. 1, March 3, Easter (Sunday and Monday), May 1, May 6, May 24, Sept. 6, Sept. 22, Christmas (Dec. 24 through 26)
Tides None
Waste Reception Facilities: Available
Medical Facilities Transport Hospital is situated next to the Port of Varna East
Airport Varna Airport, 10 km.
Railway Bulgarian State Railways - BDZ, good rail access to the port
Cargo tonnage per year 4 508 000 t (for 1998, including the Port of Varna East, the Port of Varna West end the Port of Balchik. Reported figures do not include the imported coal at the Port of the Thermal Power Station)
Vessel tonnage per year 4791 average GRT per ship (1998, including The Port of Varna East, the Port of Varna West and the Port of Balchik. The reported figures do not include the imported coal at the Port of the Thermal Power Station.
Number of vessels per year 1372
Largest vessel handled Norwegian Dream - passenger ship Dwt: 50764 GT Loa: 230 m
Sapflre Highway - RoRo Dwt: 49098 GT Loa: 179 m
K Filios - bulk carrier Dwt: 38022 GT Loa: 224 m
Principal Imports coal, grain, metals, ores and ore concentrates, timber; sugar, containers and Ro-Ro, phosphates.
Principal Exports urea, soda ash, cement, clinker, fertilisers, grain, containers and Ro-Ro
Port Development The updated General plan for the port of Varna to 2020 was approved in February 1999. The major projects for new construction, reconstruction and modernization include: container terminal on the Island under the Asparoukhovo bridge, Ro-Ro terminal on the Island under the Asparoukhovo bridge, Grain terminal on the northern shore of the Lake of Varna south from the Storage Base 'Dry Port', Liquid chemicals terminal at the Port of Varna West, Cement and clinker terminal at the Port of Varna West, Modernization and reconstruction of the Passenger and Ro-ro terminal at the Port of Varna East
Port of Varna-East 13 wharf. places plus 1 passenger ; total wharf length: 2415 m.; maximum depth: 36 Ft.; for vessels up to 215 m loa and 50 000 dwt. Specialized in handling general cargo, grain in bulk, and fertilizers in bags. Container terminal operated. Ro-ro vessels also handled. Electric cranes, cap of 5 and 32 t and one floating crane with 100 t cap. Open storage of 107 370 sq.m. and covered storage of 39 142 sq.m.
Port of Varna-West 18 wharf. places; total wharf length: 3100 m.; maximum depth: 33 Ft.; for vessels up to 200 m loa and 30 000 dwt. Situated 30 km W of the town of Varna. Specialized in handling bulks (coal, coke, phosphate, ores, chemicals, sugar, cement). Container terminal operated. Electrical cranes with cap. of 10 and 32 t. Open storage space of 347 000 sq.m. and closed storage of 37 000 sq.m.
Port Lesport S.A (Private) - 3 wharf places; total wharf length: 420 m.; maximum depth: 24 Ft.; for vessels up to 20 000 dwt. Situated 11km W of Varna. Specialized in handling timber and livestock. Open storage space of 50 000 sq.m. and closed storage of 1 000 sq.m.
PCHMV Port (Marine Antipollution Enterprise JSCo) 2 wharf places for general cargoes: situated in South Industrial Zone of Varna, also operates the Base Oil Terminal
Rail Ferry Terminal 2 wharf places - Situated on the SW shore of Beloslav Lake. Four specialized ferry vessels are put in exploitation between the Ferry terminal Varna, Poti - Georgia and Illichevsk - Ukraine.
Port of Thermal Power Station (Private) - 3 wharf places - total wharf length: 511 m. - maximum depth: 37 Ft. - Specialized in coal handling. Equipped with four electrical cranes.
Oil Terminal

(Private) - 3 wharf places for vessels up to 20 000 dwt - Specialized in crude oil, oil products and molasses.